Berkeley Fertility Acupuncture - 5 Step Plan

You are not alone when it comes to seeking infertility treatment. In the United States over 6 million people, ten percent of the reproductive-age population are having difficulty conceiving. Research shows that, overall, causes of infertility are found equally among both women and men:

  • female fertility problems account for 35 %
  • male fertility problems account for 35 %
  • fertility issues shared by both partners account for 20%
  • unexplained infertility issues account for 10%

Your doctor may run diagnostic tests which may or may not explain why you are not getting pregnant. After asking for a doctor's help with fertility issues, you may still not have a resolution.

The world of infertility treatment can be overwhelming and emotionally upsetting. Often when women or men experience a delay in getting pregnant they feel disheartened. For women in particular, an unsuccessful outcome from fertility treatment can be damaging to their self-image.

Empathetic and Caring Environment

In such an emotional situation, it is important for you and your partner to be with a doctor who treats you with respect and compassion. That doctor should review the tests that had been done and offer you a nurturing and proven approach to enhancing your well-being and fertility. In just a few months of receiving acupuncture, taking herbs, and making changes to your diet, your general health and well-being will improve and your fertility will be enhanced. For women, this enhancement can be likened to creating a more fertile valley for encouraging new life to grow.

My fertility plan will help you achieve your goal. With acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, I can help you and your partner if you have unexplained infertility or a specific infertility diagnosis including endometriosis, low progesterone, not ovulating, PCOS, low sperm count or motility, or other diagnosis.

Customized for Your Needs

Mother & BabyUsing my Five Step Fertility Enhancement Plan, I will create a plan customized just for you and your partner based your individual needs to improve your fertility status. I have been helping couples overcome their fertility challenges for 25 years. I have an excellent track record in resolving fertility issues naturally for both men and women and helping couples who choose to undergo IVF (in vitro fertilization) have a better outcome.

The Five-Step Fertility Enhancement Plan

Fertility Assessment:

I will look at your lab results; suggest other tests if needed, review your current medical diagnosis and your basal testing chart. I will ask you to complete our own Chinese medicine questionnaire to assess your health and fertility. Most importantly, I listen to you about your fertility journey. I want to know not only about your physical symptoms, but also about your emotional well being.

Fertility Acupuncture:

Acupuncture enhances fertility for couples trying to conceive naturally or for those using IVF or other assisted reproductive procedures. Acupuncture will bring more blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, regulate the menstrual cycle, encourage adequate hormone production and promote ovulation. A Chinese proverb says, "When the soil is well prepared the harvest will be bountiful."

Fertility Herbs:

Chinese herbal formulas balance the internal energies in your body and support your reproductive system. They can help harmonize your endocrine system and regulate your menstrual cycle. Some Chinese herbs are used to balance your hormones, while some other herbal formulas are used to treat more general patterns of imbalance.

Fertility Diet Changes:

Proper diet and nutrition play a significant role in your reproductive health. It can be challenging for anyone to change their diet. For instance, eliminating morning coffee and afternoon sweets may be hard to give up but the benefits for fertility can be substantial. I will provide you with an expert assessment using Traditional Chinese Medicine, and based upon your pattern of symptoms and resulting diagnosis I will recommend types of foods and supplements to take and others to avoid.

Stress Management and Quality of Life Changes:

Stress can be a contributing factor to unexplained fertility issues. If you take an active role in improving your fertility with lifestyle changes you will improve your chances of getting pregnant. As an important part of your Fertility Enhancement Plan I will teach you how to reduce your stress with:

  • Relaxation breathing techniques
  • Positive affirmations
  • Meditation and yoga

Making changes in one's lifestyle can be very challenging but implementing even a few of these changes for greater health can boost your fertility. The outcome of your Fertility Enhancement Plan is a joint venture between you and your practitioner. As your practitioner, I will try to listen, understand and help you to find fulfillment on your journey.

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