Client Comments

Acupuncture for Joint Pain, Allergies
and Cancer Support Treatment

I highly recommend Dr. Nancy Rakela, a skilled acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine for help with any chronic health problems and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I have been going to Dr. Rakela for treatment for joint pain in shoulders, hips, knees and ankles caused mostly by arthritis. She is always able to decrease the pain and after her treatments I have increased range of motion. She has also helped me with circulation problems and has increased my energy by prescribing Chinese herbs.

Her acupuncture treatments have relieved my allergies and sinus congestion many times. I go in for a treatment with a headache and breathing only by mouth and come out breathing through my nose and the headache is gone.

Recently she has increased my healing process after cancer surgery. The area around my incision felt numb, but after acupuncture normal feeling has returned.

For the past twenty-five years, Dr. Rakela has been helping her clients to heal and relieve pain with her specialized expertise in combining acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Treat yourself to acupuncture with Dr. Rakela to alleviate pain, strengthen your immune system, reduce stress and promote wellness.

-- J.J.T. 7/21/10

Acupuncture revolutionized my life

Acupuncture and Nancy Rakela have revolutionized my life! I have been receiving acupuncture from Nancy since she began giving treatments, and I believe that I am younger because of them - both in terms of my attitude and my physical being. Nancy taught me that I was in charge of my own health and how to interpret various symptoms and catch them early enough so that I wouldn't get sick. She taught me about Chinese herbs as preventive medicine. I rarely get sick.

In addition Nancy is a great friendly person - the kind of person you would feel comfortable telling your problems to, and sometimes I do! These are some of the reasons why she won the People's Favorite Acupuncturist Award in the Oakland Tribune two years in a row.

Her treatments are given in a beautiful relaxing setting with soft meditative music playing in the background.

Do something wonderful for yourself! Get a treatment with Nancy!

-- Mary W.

Headache and insomnia disappeared

Nancy is an amazing acupuncturist (and Eastern medicine Doctor). She can treat just about anything. I went to her with a slew of ailments ranging from headaches to not being able to sleep and she treated everything. Over the weeks/months that I have seen her, all my woes disappeared. Nancy has a calm demeanor and really takes the time to listen. She is helpful, attentive, and effective. Her office space is beautiful and relaxing, and I look forward to just - being - there. I highly recommend Nancy if you are need of an acupuncturist!

-- N.T.

Knee pain relieved and back to exercise

I came to Dr Rakela's Acupuncture Clinic for knee pain and have had eight treatments. For two years I was unable to maintain my exercise. After two months of treatment, I was back exercising and feeling better all around. Thank you Dr Rakela

-- Derryl Z.

Successful treatment of sports injury

Dr. Rakela treated me successfully for a painful and disabling tennis elbow. She conveyed an experienced and professional competence along with a soothing manner that was reassuring. Her office was beautifully arranged and relaxing. I learned subsequently that she was voted Most Successful Acupuncturist in the East Bay for several consecutive years by the Oakland Tribune Readers' Survey. I wasn't surprised, and would recommend her to any athlete suffering from lingering acute or ongoing chronic pain.

-- T.T.

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